The Beginning

Often, blessings come wrapped up in what might not seem like a blessing. The beginning of my macaron journey began with the diagnosis of Celiac. As someone who loved to bake, this particular change in lifestyle led to a bit of sorrow. Baking just wouldn't be the same.

There were some items that I immediately checked the nutritional label for gluten, food items that I couldn't bear to give up. One of those items was my french vanilla coffee creamer. Yay, my coffee was safe! Probably one of the saddest items to go on the "not safe" list was licorice. How could licorice be glutenous? Really?

I was lucky enough (if you want to view it that way) to have a gluten free month under my belt before child #3 was diagnosed as a Celiac, and the month after that, when child #1 was diagnosed, which are both of my daughters. It is a girl thing in our house.

We were gluten free for a couple of years when we stumbled upon macarons in the Squirrel Hill community of Pittsburgh. After vowing that I would learn how to make these darling little French cookies, my baking life changed forever.

Fast forward to the current day. I remain stubbornly dedicated to making the most amazing macarons for anyone who appreciates them. You don't have to be gluten free to love these little gems...they are to be enjoyed by everyone!

It is an exciting, redemptive feeling to be able to give gluten free macarons to a gluten-sensitive individual who hasn't experienced them yet. It is joyous, both for them and for me! And that is my goal, my mission, to offer a little bit of joy in the form of a macaron. Enjoy!

Our very first French macarons!

Our very first French macarons!