The Flavors

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While there seems to be an infinite combination of colors and flavors, the ones below have been tested and tried.

We think that you'll love them!

If there is a flavor that you would like us to experiment with, just let us know. We are always willing to try something new!

  • Straight Up Vanilla:  Vanilla shell with vanilla buttercream. Vanilla doesn't have to be boring, though. Your choice of colors, maybe even add sprinkles!

  • Chocolate-Covered Cherry:  Dark chocolate ganache, maraschino cherry, and buttercream in the center

  • Peach:  Peach jam is surrounded by buttercream

  • Pistachio:  A gloriously green shell is filled to the rim with pistachio buttercream

  • Raspberry Rose:  A rose-flavored shell is filled with raspberry filling surrounded by buttercream

  • Blueberry Lavender:  Crushed lavender flavors a pale purple shell that is filled with blueberry compote, surrounded by buttercream. This one has a secret ingredient.

  • Strawberry Lemonade:  A taste of summer, lemon buttercream surrounds a dallop of strawberry jam

  • Mint Chocolate Chip: Mint dark chocolate ganache is surrounded by cooling buttercream

  • Strawberry Cheesecake: Something magical happens when you put strawberry jam in the center of cheesecake buttercream!

  • Pumpkin: Pumpkin buttercream...a seasonal favorite!

  • Fruity Pebbles:  Fruity Pebbles sprinkled on the shell and in the vanilla buttercream

  • Coconut: Wonderful vanilla buttercream is loaded with coconut

  • Coffee and Cream: A dark espresso ganache and creamy buttercream make this our favorite macaron!

  • Raspberry Truffle: A dark chocolate ganache mixed with raspberry filling

  • Hawaiian: The center of the Hawaiian macaron is a decadent blend of pineapple, walnuts, coconut, and dates

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  • Minimum order is 1 dozen per flavor. Colors may vary from photos. (Sometimes we have extras in the freezer, of which you can mix or match in any amounts, depending on what we have. Call us or shoot us an e-mail to see what's in stock.)
  • After your order is placed, you will be contacted about delivery and due date.

..We do not ship macarons at this time..